Pairing food and beer

Matching food and beer is an easy task to any experienced gourmet, but if you want some hints about our beer styles, please take note about this:

To avoid loses on flavor and smell, start tasting the smothest beer of your sample
Prefer to start eating rather than drinking
Keep very spiced dishes reserved to the final
For the dessert, prefer tasting beer before eating


Pale Ale

Grilled red and white meats (specially lamb and pork), cold meats, sandwiches, pizzas, salads and soups.

Irish Ale

Spiced sandwiches, hams and other cold meats (regular or smoked), Tex-Mex or Thai food


Intense flavored dishes, strong cheeses and desserts based on chocolate and nuts


Fishes, chicken and other light grilled dishes and sandwiches, salads and soups as well.

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