1516 - Purity Law Reinheitsgebot

Have you heard about the 1516 German Purity Law? (Reinheitsgebot)?

Well, during this old time, where knowledge was the privilege of just a few people, beer was something "magic" and each brewery formulated beers according to its own taste, adding whatever they want in that brew. There were no sanitary or chemical controls and such many times the results were toxic or hazardous, damaging drinkers physical or mental health.

Because of this, in 1516, Germany declared the Reinheitsgebot Law, which has obliged breweries to produce beer only with malt, hops, yeast and water. This was an attempt to normalize products and guarantee the beer potability.

Nowadays, based upon some excellent Belgian, British and other beers, we at Whitehead aren't concerned about an alien "Law" under a pretext that's the only way to get a good beer

We use lots of malt, and some noble non-malted grains, some carbs and spices to achive taste, aroma, color, texture and so on, always caring about the final product's high quality.


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