Whitehead History

Whitehead Beer was born in Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil, but nowadays is located at Eldorado do Sul, a Porto Alegre satellite city. It originated from a hobby, where the owners pursued development of high quality beers. These beers were distinguished from among the available commercial beers by their fine taste and aroma.

Marcas InspiradorasAfter about a decade producing handcrafted famous beer clones for family and friends, we started to develop our own recipes. These recipes were awarded medals in several international championships, giving us the self-confidence to establish regular commercial beer production, even in small batches


That's what happened in April, 2007 when we started our small brewery, producing our own recipes according to some world-appreciated styles.

The Brand Whitehead is intrinsically related to beer "head", but also refers to the experienced brewmasters who have white hair.



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