Pairing food and beer

Matching beer and food is not a so easy task. Read here our hints to help...

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The Whitehead Brewery, located in Eldorado do Sul - RS - Brazil, has begun from homebrewing hobby, which during a decade ...

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Purity law ?

Have you heard about the 1516's German Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot)? Well, during this age, beer was something misterious, almost magic, where the breweries could include anything in beer recipes, frequently leaving the drinker sick or insane...

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Our beers

Malt milling : Malt is the germinated barley grain. As soon the germination starts its paused by grain dryout trough hot air flow and..


Boiling and cooling: Next step is the boiling, where there's a mash concentration. It's alson the phase where the hops are added to make it butter and aromatic..


Bottling/ Kegging : Once the secondary fermentaion is finished, beer is added with some priming and it's immediately bottled..

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